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10 steps to prepare before opening your restaurant

When it comes to a business that is still popular no matter how long it takes, one must think of opening a restaurant, of course, because nowadays people live in a hurry. Thus, there is less time to prepare and cook. Buying food saves more time.

For this reason, many people dream of opening a restaurant own In this article, Money on Wheels will introduce you to 10 steps to prepare before opening your restaurant.

10 steps to open your restaurant What needs to be dealt with!

open a restaurant That seems to be a simple matter. But in fact, if you want to sell well There are so many things you need to focus on. The money on wheels has been collected and summarized into 10 simple steps for you to see as an example.

Alright! Let’s take a look at what these 10 steps have to do!

1. The recipe must be yes. sure delicious

The heart that people who open a restaurant can’t live without is deliciousness. There are beautiful decorations. But if the taste is not good, customers will likely not come back to eat for the second time.

There is also one thing that many restaurants often forget to focus on the consistency of food. may have been often to eat at the same restaurant, but the taste has changed which if it happens to your shop often It may cause customers to feel confused that they do not want to come back to eat again.

Therefore, you must pay attention to controlling the recipes carefully.

2. Search for a golden location

Although there is currently a delivery business that supports being able to deliver food to customers’ hands. But I can’t deny that the storefront is in a good location. would be more profitable

The golden locations that Nguyen Tid Wheel recommends choosing include:

Location near office building Because there are many office workers customers. There are customers in the morning, noon and evening, and your store may be burdened by lunch breaks. due to having to race against time and a large number of customers who come together
Locations near universities or schools tend to have customers coming in in the morning. and in the evening after school But if it is a location near the university, there may be customers who come in all day.
Location near residential area It is a location where customers can come in all day. especially during the holidays
but for the utmost certainty It’s a good idea to go into the area yourself to explore the area you’re looking for a few days in advance. You might start by checking how many restaurants in the neighborhood are getting customers. And is it exactly what you expected?

3. The name of the shop is catchy and easy to remember

Another important part of opening a restaurant is the name of the restaurant. Another factor that customers can remember. Then bring it to word of mouth to make people more interested in our shop. The naming convention is not a fixed factor. You just have to set it to your ear, easy to remember, and not too long.

4. Create a clear concept of the store

Opening a restaurant with a clear concept is another factor that allows customers to remember your restaurant better so that the concept of the restaurant stands out.

  • shop name
  • food menu
  • decoration
  • Staff uniforms or uniforms

For example, if you want to open a Thai restaurant The name of the shop must show that it is Thai. The menu should be all Thai food. and decorated around the shop to have a Thai style, etc.

5. Design the shop to stand out

Today’s customers who go to restaurants don’t just want delicious food. but also includes taking beautiful photos for posting on various social media as well

Just think about it, if there are two restaurants with similar prices. The taste is not much different. But one shop is decorated beautifully. The other shop is not decorated at all. Customers also choose to enter a shop that is decorated more beautifully.

In addition, customers taking photos on social media is also indirectly advertising their shop. Make people more interested in our store as well.

6. Elegant menu to eat

As well as decorating the storefront Making the plates look elegant and appetizing. It is another factor that attracts customers as well. It also makes food look more valuable. Make a good impression on customers as well.

7. Looking for a source for purchasing raw materials

The important thing that people who open a restaurant can’t be overlooked is that. raw material trading sources such as fresh markets, department stores, or various farms Because restaurants must use fresh ingredients. in daily production, If your intended location is far from the trading site. May cause raw materials to lose their freshness during transportation.

Also, don’t forget to look for a few sources of raw material reserves to prevent any closures. There will be no problem of lack of raw materials for cooking.

8. Looking for quality employees

Of course, restaurants can’t be managed alone. It is necessary to hire staff to facilitate various things within the store.

The staff needed in the restaurant are mainly as follows.

  • chef/cook
  • Assistant Chef / Cook
  • waitress

Especially the position of chef/cook is especially important. Because it is an important factor affecting the quality of food that will be served to customers. It’s best to hire someone who has experience cooking the food you want to sell.

9. Estimate daily expenses

Roughly estimate How many dishes can you sell on average per day? What is the cost of each dish, including the daily staff fee? Daily rental fee daily raw material cost and various miscellaneous expenses To calculate that each day there will be a residual profit, sure enough.

10. Calculate the first lump sum and find funding sources

When you know that in the process of opening various stores What must be done now, let’s calculate how much together and how much the first cost that must be used to open the store will be. To find funding sources to open the restaurant of your dreams.

But do not forget that every investment carries risks. Money on wheels wants you to consider things. well before making a decision, We recommend that you read this article to reduce investment errors.



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