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4 ways to check the condition of the cane car before use Arrive at the destination safely!

When agricultural products bloom and bear fruit It’s time to transport goods with sugarcane trucks. that serves to deliver products to various processing plants before reaching the consumer In addition to preparing to collect the produce One thing that money on wheels doesn’t want to be overlooked is “Check the condition of the sugarcane truck” whether it is ready for use or not. Or cane trucks can carry how many tons of sugar cane to save time and save cycles in transportation. to make business smooth This is something that needs a lot of attention. about sugar cane truck before actually using it!

4 ways to check the condition of the truck before starting to drive the cargo

Car inspection It’s not just a small car. only A large vehicle such as a ten-wheel truck, six-wheel vehicle, or trailer must do the same. should be inspected before actual use because it is a survey of where the sugarcane transporter has spare parts that need to be replaced Are you sure it’s ready to use?

Because this is to increase the safety of the driver. Trucks and other road users If the truck transports sugarcane Unavailable cargo can cause major accidents, such as the coordination of large and small vehicles. or a big car and a big car too by way of checking the condition of sugar cane trucks before use is

1. Check the truck’s windshield washer fluid

Unobstructed vision ahead It will make the farmer’s goods transport to the destination safely. Therefore, you should check that the wipers and windshield washers are used regularly. Because if left the mirror is cloudy or unable to spray cleaning There will be a chance of an accident from transportation.

Therefore, for the water injection system to work at full efficiency Should choose a liquid better than tap water. Because tap water may contain moss or limestone mixed in. When added, it may clog the windshield’s hose or hose. make the water out

2. Check truck tires for flat or leaking air

This is what makes a cane truck. Able to move to the destination, so truck tires must be in working condition, for example, truck tires should not have leaks. or inflate the tire if the tire is flat In the case of replacing a tire, you should also look at the expiration date. whether it can still be used That is to prevent accidents that may occur.

for inflating tires If the tire pressure is too low It will result in the rubber frame collapsing first. And after that, the heat will accumulate on the sidewall of the tire. After that, it’s a box! The truck tire explodes The car broke down on the side of the road Scattered agricultural products It can be said that there is only real damage.

or if the tire pressure is too high will speed up the truck faster Arrive at the destination faster, but sugarcane trucks, sugarcane trucks won’t hold onto the road at all. because the pressure in the truck tire pressure causing the car to float above the road surface Send a car accident as well.

3. Which truck do lights go out in?

Reputed to be a big truck must obscure the vision of the small road participants as well as traveling long distances, such as from farmers’ plots to Bangkok have to go through many roads Some lines have no lights, completely dark. Using truck headlights makes it easier for truck drivers to see the line. and cause fewer car accidents

In addition, the truck lights that signal the truck lights. from the freight car itself will help tell the incident to other road users as well as what is going on ahead. Is there an accident ahead? Or is there a car in the lane or not? Therefore, truck lights are necessary for both truck drivers. and other road users.

4. Check truck engine oil

Every vehicle needs engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. and reduce the wear and tear of various parts in the truck. should check the engine oil that there is enough for the whole engine system And how many kilometers has the engine oil been used? Should be replaced at the appropriate distance for each type of engine oil. because the sugar cane crushing season is only once a year We should always ensure that the sugarcane trucks are ready for use. To make the transportation of goods by trucks efficient.

because if you don’t check the engine oil at all The truck does not have a helper to reduce friction. Keep the engine hot while driving the cargo. The engine is not working at full efficiency. And finally, if the engine has a problem, besides wasting time lost income It may cause an accident in the end. Waste of productivity, waste of time, and the chance of death as well.

How many tons of sugarcane cane trailers can carry?

Sugarcane trucks, sugarcane trucks, or general cargo trucks Even if the name is different But there are requirements for the storage of goods as well, so that you know the law How many tons of cane weight can 1 sugarcane trailer? It is beneficial to both of you. And by the inspection of the condition of the truck before use as well

because when I know A cane truck can carry this amount of sugarcane. will be able to accurately check the condition of the truck in important positions Reduce potential accidents Reduce time spent collecting produce reduce the opportunity to earn So good preparation is necessary. should not be overlooked at all

truck weight control law I stated everything. If the trailer transports sugarcane How many tons must be the weight of the truck that you must comply with, otherwise, there will be a minimum fine of 10,000 baht and a maximum of 100,000 baht. The weight of the truck is

  • 4 wheel sugarcane transporter can carry 9.5 tons of sugarcane
  • A sugarcane transporter with 6 wheels, can carry 15 tons of sugarcane.
  • A 10-wheel sugarcane truck can carry 25 tons of sugarcane.
  • A 12-wheel sugarcane truck can carry 30 tons of sugarcane
  • Trailer carrying 18 wheels of sugarcane, the weight of the truck must not exceed 45 tons.
  • 20-wheel sugarcane trailer, the weight of the truck must not exceed 50.5 tons.

Is the cargo truck ready Are the funds ready?

I have to say this first. This is something that must be done before it’s time to harvest the produce. If you are the one who owns a truck, has a vegetable plot, has a farm, has a farm that can flower and produce. But there is no capital to invest to grow them. can use the existing truck request Truck registration loan

Because money is on wheels, understand that have land to cultivate But there was no money to buy seeds to sow. because of a shortage of money Or because selling agricultural products in the previous round didn’t make a profit. That’s it. The solution is in front of you. Just use the truck registration to apply for a truck loan.

The advantages of a truck registration loan and money on wheels are that you can get a truck with a maximum age of 25 years and easy installments up to 60 months without having to transfer the registration book. and in the case of driving a truck transporting goods such as a sugar cane truck, a corn driver and met with an accident can claim No worries!


Preparation for trucks carrying goods, especially agricultural products such as sugarcane trucks corn truck is very important Because if neglected, it can cause big damage, which is a waste of time in transportation. lost money-making opportunity and died in an accident including the availability of funds If you have a truck, you can apply for a truck registration loan with money on wheels. To bring a lump sum of money to invest When the funds are ready, the car is ready, let’s go!



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