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5 tips for driving long distances home for a long holiday during Songkran with fuel efficiency

Finally, I will be able to drive the long distance home during the long Songkran holiday 2022 as announced by the government. who does not have to worry about driving long distances alone at night and will disobey Disease Control Act? The worrying thing is to be more prepared before driving long distances. But what about the long-distance driving alone here? How many minutes to stop or take a break? Moreover, the gas is very expensive. How to drive long distances to save fuel? And what are the government announcements that come out, if you’re ready, let’s start the car and go out together!

How to drive a long distance home for a long weekend to save fuel

In the past, the price of oil still went up and down, enough to give us some hope of how many baht we would add. or reduced by how many baht But in this era, probably no more. because the price of oil is rising steadily The kind that should not be reduced at all. causing people to use cars to use the road, holding their temples together in stripes because oil is very expensive And this is almost the time to drive the long-distance across the province to go home during the long Songkran holiday. Going on public transport is at risk of covid 19, so choose to drive long distances with a private car, so to find a way to drive long distances to save fuel as possible. Let’s see if there are any ways that money on wheels is deposited together.

Driving long distances across provinces must maintain a constant speed

Driving across the province is a long journey. This must be a waste of oil for sure But driving at a constant speed will help your car save on fuel. Because not changing the speed up and down will help reduce the burning of the car’s fuel as well. Not driving at the speed limit signs can also reduce accidents.

Because money is on wheels, very confident that during the path you are traveling to reach the destination There must be a community where people live, schools, temples, markets, which this place will have. speed reduction sign already directed It’s great if you maintain a constant speed. because in addition to saving fuel and also reducing accidents together

Driving long distances to save fuel must keep a distance

Money Did Wheel understands that driving long distances out of the country, there are not as many cars as in the city. giving more space to drive can speed up more than in the city As a result, you forget to keep the distance between the car in front as it should, causing the need to step on the brakes of the car often. When the car in front brakes, you have to brake accordingly. which consumes a lot of oil

Therefore, should maintain a distance of 2-3 meters from the vehicle in front, in addition to driving with fuel economy. It will also help reduce accidents that may occur when the brakes are not pressed in time and the car crashes into the back as well. You will reach your destination safely. without having to encounter an accident that damages life and property

Driving long distances across the province to save fuel must use the neutral gear

The most common situations in which long-distance drivers tend to use neutral are Driving up and down the hill or encountering a traffic jam for a long time You may have forgotten that the roads outside the city are also congested. Especially in the face of the festival that can drive long distances home, there must be several race cars to drive home. which your car is one of them

So if you can’t get off the bypass road Then it is necessary to encounter traffic jams or a lot of cars on the city roads. Do not forget to use neutral gear to drive as well. Because it will help save fuel. including helping to relieve fatigue during traffic jams because you don’t have to keep stepping on the brakes for a long time

Driving across the province, do not carry too heavy loads

After driving a long distance home for a long holiday I want to bring gifts or good and tasty food back to people at home. So you buy a lot of stuff and pack them in boxes and carry them in the back of the car or onto the roof of the car. Did you know that this kind of action can make driving long distances across your province waste a lot of fuel?

Because carrying a lot of luggage in the car or carrying luggage on the roof of the car will waste more fuel. because the car has too much resistance When the car has to exert a lot of energy, it will consume fuel according to the regulations. Let’s just say that the lighter the car, the less fuel it consumes.

Before driving long distances, do not forget to check the condition of the car

It is undeniable that the car is used everywhere. Engine days, it tends to wear normally. When it’s time to drive long distances across the province “Car inspection” is very necessary because it would not be a good thing if the car breaks down in the middle of the road. or an accident in the middle of the road due to damaged car parts until you arrive home safely

For example, check the tire pressure if it is still ok or not. Because the tire pressure is too weak, it may cause friction with the road because of the unbalanced weight of the tire. So the car consumes oil, etc., so you should check both the internal and external equipment of the car that it must be ready for use. because even if there is “Car insurance” covers in the event of an accident. But if it can be prevented, it will be the best.

And this is a fuel-efficient long-distance driving that anyone can do money on wheels is quite concerned about another issue. “How many minutes does a long-distance car need to rest?” So I searched for an answer. It said, “During a long-distance driving, the car should be tested every 2-3 hours, with a 20-30 minute break. It’s a rule to rest the car. Use the driver. Don’t worry about the car. Better worry about the person. ”

money on wheels agrees with this sentence Because even if driving long distances with a fuel-efficient method or checking the condition of the car to make it ready to drive long distances across the province But the performance of the driver is not ready. It can cause a car accident on the way. This is a bigger issue than finding a way to drive more fuel-efficient cars!

Solve the question of why the Songkran long weekend can drive across the province

In recent years, when the festival comes, it is often forbidden to drive long distances across the province. or can go only when necessary There is also a requirement that when driving long distances across the province to the destination Quarantine is required to ensure that 14 days from now there will be no incubation of the COVID-19 virus.

But this year, the Center for Management of the Epidemic of Corona Virus Disease does Not forbid organizing Songkran activities and can still drive long distances across the province whether the destination is north or south can go all over the country But there is a condition that it is subject to VUCA measures only.

Long-distance drive home for the long Songkran holiday with VUCA

Money on wheels. I want to say that Covid-19 is still scary. Even if people in the country gradually get the 2nd or more viral vaccine, they shouldn’t be trusted, which Prof. doesn’t want people to drive. On the long-distance ride home, the guard crashed. Therefore, it is advisable to follow VUCA measures to be prepared and reduce the likelihood of infection. VUCA measures are:

  • V (Vaccine) is to complete 3 injections to reduce severe illness.
  • U (Universal Prevention) is to protect yourself as far as possible from the coronavirus, such as washing hands and wearing masks.
  • C (Covid Free Setting) is a place where vaccination services are available.
  • An (Antigen Test Kit) is always ready to check if someone close to you has the infection or shows symptoms.

That means people who plan to drive across the province for the first time alone. or driving a long distance professionally and must be vaccinated with 3 injections and people in the destination such as parents, siblings, or relatives must have received 3 injections as well By emphasizing that people in code 607 should also have 3 doses of the vaccine.

Driving long distances traveling across the province, do I have to quarantine?

From the latest announcement of Prof. that allows people to travel across the province by driving long distances. It’s good to take a plane. or taking a tour bus is good “There is no need to quarantine,” but it is necessary to follow VUCA measures to reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19. The most likely places to get COVID-19 are:

  • Public transport stations of planes, tour buses, vans
  • Petrol pumps, rest areas along the long-distance driving route
  • restaurants in various locations stopover time
  • temples, churches, and mosques where groups of people share religious activities
  • attractions in the destination

from the places mentioned above Ngern Tid Lor thinks that driving across provinces would be a good solution to avoid as many people as possible. because traveling across the province by driving must use a private car which does not have to be involved with anyone Can buy food to eat in the car. At most, stop at the pump to go to the bathroom. or refuel Because driving long distances requires a lot of fuel. Fill the tank even if the price of oil keeps getting more expensive


Long Songkran holidays in 2022, people can return home or domicile. VUCA measures must also be followed to reduce the likelihood of infection. which way of travel avoids a lot of people The best is ” long-distance driving across the province “, in which the oil is so expensive. You can apply the fuel-efficient long-distance driving that money on wheels has to offer above. Even with car insurance, don’t be reckless in driving. I wish you all a safe journey and return!



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