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Old media and social media must be used together

Because today consumers do not use only one channel of media

We refuse to accept any media. who is around us or not Let’s try to observe friends. around you, There must be many people Try to live an entirely online life or simply “spot”, don’t comment, and don’t hit “likes”.

Our daily lives are exposed to a variety of media. and the mass marketing message that surrounds us. Social media or social media It’s becoming more and more easily seen, and widespread, and the number of users is increasing every year.

It surprises me every time I see some companies when they start doing marketing communications. But they have to sit and weigh each other every time to decide which method to choose. Between social media or will you use the old media?

Because social media that we are familiar with It’s not limited to blogging, posting or chatting, but all the activities you do online. Forwarding messages in one form or another or watching a video on YouTube and sharing your experience with the content. or even posting comments or liking on social media. that means They have already engaged on social media or social media.

From another angle When a company creates a social media campaign, it generates a viral trend or gets people talking, both positive and negative. it can be said that has entered another form of social media as well.

As you know, old media and social media Each have a purpose of use. and have different presentation goals

Therefore, we should take a deeper look at the merits of individual media and their types. and adapt it to properly support your marketing communication process. It ultimately positively affects the brand experience process

, demonstrating that the two types of media need to be integrated to complement each other. Today, let’s consider these two media together.

The reason why social media is needed from old media

  • because people online Maybe not everyone is engaged on social media.
  • Traditional media can spread brand awareness widely and reach consumers across all distributive segments.
  • Old media reach the target audience with content positioning. media space But social media is inserted into the content.
  • Old media can be used to build a good brand. (If communication is not shared by old media, it is likely to be significantly unacceptable.)
    old media has a pattern be consistent It creates more continuity than social media.
  • Most of the old media is focused on offerings. Social media focuses on building relationships, connecting, and spreading the word.

The reason old media needs social media

  • Old media, media production, and publishing processes are expensive and limited in use, but publishing ads via social media is more economical.
  • Old media is forced to watch ads. Forced viewing of content has led most people to use social media, which is more responsive to their needs.
  • The old media have no sense of ownership and participation.
  • Old media is one-way communication. Can’t talk, or ask questions, but social media allows companies to obtain information To improve management better from the feedback received directly from customers.
  • Old media has a limited advertising period. Wait time to reach the target audience. But social media can intervene and track your audience anytime, anywhere online.
  • The old media is difficult to measure the success of marketing communications. But we can take lessons from social media as a guide to the old media.

Therefore, the presentation through both forms of media must combine the strengths and weaknesses that are most in line with the defined communication goals. And this is an important part of the process of creating what is known as Brand Experience, which is beyond the work that your marketing department can do!!!!



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