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Post online sales on Facebook. How to make it popular. Customers press share and like

Writing content to post online items for sale on Facebook is another way to increase the sales of your store’s products. Because writing Content Marketing is about telling a story to customers and seeing what products will meet their needs in life. which content writing is difficult, right? It’s also difficult to come up with a headline or headline. Because you only have a 3-second chance to trap your readers with heading and finish reading the post for sale. And how to write a post to sell things online to be great, read it!

Why only have 3 seconds to write a great online sales post?

Have you ever noticed what your social media behavior looks like? How many times per second do you use your thumb to scroll through each online selling post on Facebook? Some people like it because they are attracted by beautiful product advertisement images. and read the text later Some people just scroll past it because the topic of the content is not appealing.

The display format when posting sales on Facebook will only show the product image that is inserted with the initial post, only 1-3 lines, which can be called a full reduction of visibility Some people post pure sales content. There is no attractive image. So you only have 3 seconds to attract customers by writing a sales post headline.

Because o the title of the article is eye-catching Read and be amazed causing passers-by to halt Chances of being clicked to read the full article. was clicked, pressed, pressed, shared Or there are more comments, so write a post to sell online to be popular. You must summarize the story that you will convey to the customer in one sentence. But what to do?

Write a post to sell online on Facebook to be popular with 5W 1H

Ngern Tid Lor believes that stores have leveraged strategies that they have to fully utilize to increase in-store sales, such as live broadcasting, selling products, and giving out promotions, thinking of a store slogan. to be different from others to attract But there is still no sign that it will increase sales at all. Another way is to write sales content. Which will write a post to sell things to be bang, must use the principle of 5W 1H

A 5W 1H principle is a tool for analyzing the situation with a set of questions to solve problems that arise directly. Therefore, any type of content writing or content marketing has picked up the 5W 1H principle to use, which 5W 1H will consist of. too

  • What = Doing: What will you offer to the people who receive this content?
  • Who = Who: Who do you want to communicate in this content, such as working people, school age, housewives?
  • Why = Why: Why does this problem occur? Because the economy is not good, right?
  • When = When: When has the problem occurred, for example, 2 months ago and interest is charged continuously.
  • Where = Where: Where does the problem arise, for example, does it arises from an informal loan? So has the most brutal interest.
  • How = How: How to solve informal debt problems such as car registration loans truck registration loan

This is to ask questions before starting content marketing so that your online sales posts can help answer more questions for your readers. But just the story is not enough. It must end with a more engaging headline.

How to write eye-catching headlines for online sales posts

Writing an online sales post for an attractive title can apply the 5W 1H principle, but if you use both 5W 1H to write an article headline, it may look too cluttered. And you only have 3 minutes! Therefore, choose one or two things that would be better. Writing an online sales post that is interesting is:

Write a great online sales post by asking questions or clicking bets

Write your content and open the title with a question or an eye-catching clickbait. This will make your online sales posts get more attention. This approach plays with the fundamentals of human nature: curiosity, wanting answers, and headline content with questioning prompts readers to want to read to the end.

Which questions will lead to debate under the comments? It turns out that online sales posts will include people who like, share, and exchange opinions. If the title of the article is mixed with clickbait text, it will drive more attention. Naming the topic of the article in question will consist of such words.

  • Why?
  • Did you know that
  • Did you know
  • Read it quickly before it gets deleted!

Write online sales posts in casual or informal terms.

Write an online sales post on Facebook to make it popular and be friendly. In this case, you have to look at what kind of image the brand has placed in the beginning. If you have a casual and semi-formal image from the start You can use this method. If it is a large organization and official Being friendly in your sales posts can go against your brand image.

This informality will allow readers to know that the story being told in the content writing is happening. The narrator is real. can be touched through the characters in the content because of the friendliness It’s like reading a friend’s story. Plus, writing friendly pronouns will help keep the article flowing. without interruption as well

Write a Facebook sales post with a headline with numbers.
As I said before, writing a headline is a summary for readers to understand in one sentence what content for sale or Content Marketing posted on Facebook is going to convey. It’s a preliminary spoiler. Therefore, the use of numbers to mix in the content headline makes the reader curious until they have to click to read. The numbers used to write a topic to post on Facebook can use these tricks right away.

  • Tell 10 ways
  • Included in the best tips of 2022.
  • Only 14 days can do it!


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