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Start with ten second-hand wheels. What do you need to see?

Second-hand ten wheels may be a starting point for many people starting a new business. Maybe because the price is cheaper than the normal ten wheels. Due to the price of trucks, ten-wheelers are quite high. Also, the ten-wheeler may be adapted for work. to support the use of various formats.

So is there anything that we need to look at in running a used truck business? Because the car is large and has a huge impact on driving the economy. What’s a good start to look at? in order not to fall before success.

See the condition of the existing car

The first point that we must pay attention to and not be overlooked at all is to check the condition of the car both outside and inside. Beginners in the business of second-hand trucks Whether for moving, resale, or other uses Should have some basic knowledge about second-hand trucks. or have a professional on the team

Because of what? Because the ten-wheeler is one of the most modified cars. Regardless of the reason for the load, and the type of cargo, there may be damage where we cannot see if we are not professionals. or experts in this field If overlooking the condition of the car may cause unexpected events or serious mistakes in the future

What is important to note about second-hand trucks is

  1. engine
  2. body
  3. gear system
  4. Availability of accessories and peripherals

see the business to do

We won’t be able to do business well unless we first study what we do well. Not even a new truck driver or a business owner. Whether we’re looking for a second-hand ten-wheeler or already have We have to see if the type of business that we are going to do is compatible with the car that we own or not. Because it will affect the progress of the business in the future ever.

To begin with, we need to look at whether our business needs anything special, such as transporting crops, carrying rocks, transporting goods or furniture. They all have specific needs for each business. Therefore, the car must have car accessories to suit the business we are going to do.

Next is the matter of the job source that will receive the job from the main source. This is important because trucks are expensive and require long installments. Getting a stable job is important. The source of this work ranges from periodic receipts such as transporting seasonal crops or contracting to move goods for the company in the long term, which is more stable.

For those who already have experience in business, this issue should not be of much concern. But for newbies, there may be additional preparation in this section. By searching for information and studying business guidelines, for example, may ask people who have done this business before. or may ask customers about their needs Having the information ready will make it easier for us to succeed in doing business.
View routes and drivers
Who said the path wasn’t important? may have to rethink

Although doing business about ten wheels But it is not necessary that we have to drive alone. We may have a team with subordinates. Here we have to look at people and expertise. that they are good at driving

Some people like to drive at night. Some people are good at driving down south. Some people are good at driving north. Some people are used to the northeastern region. which these paths sometimes have shortcuts to the destination related to the ability of the driver It may be a path up the hill and down the creek. The more people we put into the job, the more We also reduce the amount of time that is wasted on traveling. and increase the efficiency of work only

Also, the pick-up point requires familiarity and experience. Picking the right people for the right job will be able to close this weakness even more.

Driver health care is another factor that entrepreneurs should focus on. If we look at the success in the long term business Start and don’t fail should have a health check substance abuse or a period of regular work

look at the cargo

Doing business about second-hand ten wheels Can’t avoid talking about the cargo.

Usually, ten-wheelers can carry a wide variety of items due to their large dimensions, from bricks, stone, mortar, and sand to large industrial machines. The weight of the load will affect the duration of use of the truck, suspension, or attachments.

Another thing that we need to pay attention to before buying a used ten-wheeler is that. The maximum weight that can be carried according to the law of each type of car Because according to the law, each type of car can carry a different maximum weight. depending on the nature of the car Choosing the right vehicle for its weight will help the car not to be overloaded. Maintenance of roads to last a long time and also to comply with the law.

See how much money is needed in the business

This is something that many people overlook. Even if it’s a life-or-death story for every business. Some people only think of raising the first capital to open a business. but forgot to think about the working capital needed to continue the business in the future

Money is not just what is in our pockets. but including various expenses in doing business, whether it is a loan for a truck For use in buying a car to run a business that the down payment or interest is required The matter of expenses related to travel, whether it is petrol, toll fees, driver’s wages. (In the case of not driving by yourself) Ten-wheel vehicle repair cost and the amount we will charge the customer So we know how much profit we can get in doing this business.

A good way for those starting a business should have a good financial plan. make all expenses systematically to be able to manage money with maximum efficiency



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