April 17, 2024

Reddit Unveils Free Tools to Assist Businesses in Expanding Their Presence on the Platform Ahead of IPO

Reddit today announced the launch of Reddit Pro, a suite of tools designed to assist businesses in establishing an organic presence on the platform. Concurrent with the launch is Reddit’s preparation for its initial public offering (IPO). Reddit is presumably attempting to attract additional brands to its platform and potentially convert them into paying advertisers with this new suite of complimentary tools. This is the inaugural occasion that Reddit has provided complimentary tools to aid enterprises in their social media strategy.

Reddit Pro, which is presently undergoing beta testing, provides organizations with an interface containing a variety of tools. By surfacing prevalent topics and conversations that are pertinent to specific brands, the suite of tools’ AI-powered insights enable brands to determine when they have been mentioned in a subreddit. The insights are intended to assist organizations in engaging in dialogues with new and existing audiences. Additionally, the insights will assist brands in optimizing their Reddit presence.

A gif of Reddit's new dashboard for businsses

Additionally, the suite provides enterprises with access to publishing tools that facilitate the creation and scheduling of public posts. The company claims the tools will provide brands with straightforward procedures to initiate community involvement. In addition, the suite includes performance analytics that enable organizations to assess the efficacy of their organic posts and formulate more informed strategic choices. Pro dashboards will provide organizations with the capability to monitor their monthly progress and overall engagement.

The company further asserts that businesses have the ability to enhance the visibility of their posts by converting them into paid advertisements, all while remaining on the platform. Businesses must select the “promote” button on one of their posts to accomplish this.

Reddit claims that over 200 organizations, including Taco Bell, Wendy’s, the NFL, The Wall Street Journal, Kate Somerville, and Atlas Headrest, have begun using Reddit Pro. During early testing, Reddit discovered that brands utilizing Reddit Pro generated an average of eleven additional posts and comments per month and received 35 percent more monthly upvotes on their organic content.

Reddit Chief Marketing and Consumer Experience Officer Roxy Young stated in an announcement post, “Through Reddit Pro, we’re connecting companies with communities in a mutually beneficial way: unmatched insights and tools for enhanced participation from businesses, both organic and paid, which then drives more relevant and valuable experiences for our users.”

Organizations and enterprises are granted access to Reddit Pro on a first-come, first-served basis. This year, the company intends to introduce additional Reddit Pro features; however, no information was provided regarding their potential appearance.