May 28, 2024

Pixel 8: Faster Charging for Your Convenience

The latest Google Pixel 8 has certainly turned heads with its slew of upgrades over its predecessor, all while maintaining a price increase of just $100. Boasting a brand-new Tensor G3 chip, improved cameras, and a brighter, albeit slightly smaller screen, the Pixel 8 is making waves in the smartphone market.

As is customary, this year’s Pixel comes equipped with the latest Android version – Android 14. However, Google made a significant announcement regarding software updates that has garnered attention. The tech giant pledged to provide software updates for the next seven years. This is a notable improvement compared to previous Pixel smartphones, which were typically supported for up to five years. Considering the cost of flagship phones these days, this extended support is a welcome relief for Pixel buyers.

One standout feature of the Pixel 8 is its increased battery capacity. With a 4,575mAh battery, it outpaces its predecessor, the Pixel 7, which featured a 4,355mAh battery. And for those wondering if the Pixel 8 supports fast charging like its predecessors, the answer is a resounding “yes.” But that’s not all; the 20W fast charging has been boosted to 27W, offering even quicker top-ups.

Additionally, the Pixel 8 continues to support wireless charging, a feature that has become a standard in premium smartphones. Similar to the Pixel 7, this new Pixel device also features reverse wireless charging, known as “Battery Share.” This function comes in handy when you need to charge your Pixel Buds/Buds Pro or any other devices that support the Qi standard. It’s worth noting that the charging speeds for Battery Share are modest, capped at 5W.

While there were reports circulating that the Pixel 8 would support 65W fast charging, those claims turned out to be untrue. Nevertheless, the Pixel 8’s support for 27W fast charging, compared to the Pixel 7’s 20W capabilities, is a noteworthy upgrade. While it may not be a monumental leap, you should notice the difference when charging from low to full capacity.

When it comes to wireless charging, the Pixel 8 maintains the same 18W charging capacity as its predecessor. If you happen to have a Qi charger lying around, you can use it to charge your Pixel 8. Qi charging, also known as wireless charging, is a technology that allows you to charge electronic devices without the need for physical cables or connectors. It relies on electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a charging pad or dock to a compatible device.

It’s worth noting that when using a Qi charger, you won’t reach the full 18W – you’ll hover around the 12W mark. If you’re in pursuit of the fastest wireless charging speeds, consider investing in official Google accessories, specifically the Google Pixel Stand.

The Pixel Stand is a wireless charging dock designed primarily for Pixel smartphones. It not only charges your device but also transforms your phone into a convenient bedside or desktop assistant. With this stand, you can access the Google Assistant, view notifications, play music, and even turn your Pixel into a digital photo frame while it charges. While it’s sleek and nifty, it comes with a relatively steep price tag of $79.

If you’re an early adopter or simply a Pixel enthusiast eagerly awaiting an upgrade to the all-new Pixel 8 series, be sure to explore the deals we’ve compiled for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. And don’t forget to get a protective case for your smartphone while you’re at it, ensuring that your new device stays safe and stylish.