May 28, 2024

Users Raise Concerns About Excessive Heat in iPhone 15 Pros

Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone 15 Pro, has received rave reviews for its impressive features and capabilities. However, recent reports have emerged suggesting that the device may have a concerning issue—excessive heat generation during certain tasks. While the iPhone 15 Pro continues to impress with its overall performance, it’s essential to delve into these heat-related concerns and understand their implications.

The Heat Issue: What’s Being Reported

Several users, including tech enthusiasts and journalists, have raised concerns about the iPhone 15 Pro’s tendency to become notably hot during specific activities. Reports of the device reaching uncomfortably high temperatures have circulated online, leading to discussions and investigations into the matter. It’s essential to address these concerns and separate fact from speculation.

Real-World Observations

To assess the validity of these heat-related claims, tech journalists and experts have conducted tests to measure the device’s temperature under various scenarios. One notable analysis was performed by Android Authority, where the iPhone 15 Pro’s temperature was measured using a thermal gun.

The results of these tests confirm that the iPhone 15 Pro does indeed become notably hotter than other flagship smartphones during specific tasks. While the device maintains a relatively normal temperature during everyday activities such as web browsing and watching YouTube videos, it exhibits increased heat generation when subjected to more demanding tasks.

Specific Heat Measurements

The data collected during these tests provides valuable insights into the extent of the temperature increase observed in the iPhone 15 Pro. Here are some specific measurements:

  1. GPU Stress Test: Running a GPU stress test on the iPhone 15 Pro resulted in an external temperature of 47.4 degrees Celsius. This temperature reading was notably higher (3-6 degrees) than that of other flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Google Pixel 7 Pro under similar conditions.
  2. 4K Video Recording: Recording 4K videos at 60 frames per second (FPS) pushed the iPhone 15 Pro’s temperature to 43.7 degrees Celsius. In contrast, neither the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra nor the Google Pixel 7 Pro crossed the 40-degree mark while performing the same task.

Implications and Considerations

The elevated temperature observed in the iPhone 15 Pro, especially during resource-intensive activities like 4K video recording, raises valid concerns. While the data collected from these tests did not suggest that the device reaches a critical temperature that would lead to malfunction, it does indicate that prolonged use may result in discomfort for users.

It’s crucial to note that Apple has a history of addressing hardware and software-related issues through software updates. Therefore, it’s plausible that future updates could mitigate the heat-related concerns associated with the iPhone 15 Pro.

User Recommendations

For users of the iPhone 15 Pro, particularly those who frequently engage in activities that lead to increased device temperature, here are some recommendations:

  1. Monitor Temperature: Keep an eye on your device’s temperature, especially during resource-intensive tasks like 4K video recording. If you notice excessive heat, consider taking breaks to allow the device to cool down.
  2. Limit Extended Use: Avoid prolonged, resource-intensive activities in hot environments, as this could lead to discomfort or potential performance throttling.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of any software updates released by Apple. It’s possible that future updates may include optimizations to address heat-related concerns.


While the iPhone 15 Pro has garnered praise for its impressive features and capabilities, it’s essential to acknowledge the reported heat-related concerns. These concerns highlight the need for users to exercise caution during demanding tasks and to stay informed about any potential software updates from Apple.

Ultimately, the iPhone 15 Pro’s heat issue does not appear to pose a critical threat to the device’s functionality, but it does warrant user awareness and vigilance. As technology evolves, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to address such concerns through software optimizations, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy their devices without discomfort or inconvenience.